How To Reset Your Metabolism, Kickstart Your Fat-adaption and Enhance Your Cognition (in 24 hours)

Recently, I have been a bad boy and if I hope to get abs for Christmas, my behavior better change fast. By fast I mean faster than a fat kid eating snickers (which is exactly how I feel right about now).

I’m going to outline a 24 Hour Plan which I use when I feel pudgy and my eating habits include me doing a 1am run to the 24hr Woolies quickshop in Cavendish to buy a tub of coconut yogurt and a beef mince roti. Yes, I did consume both items within the space of 33 minutes (about half was consumed before I got back home).

How To Reset Your Metabolism, Kickstart Your Fat-adaption and Enhance Your Cognition

When I say “reset your metabolism,” it is essentially click bait. The science is stupid and I’m not going to get into it. Resetting simply means not consuming calories for a period of time and therefore you feel reborn.

Fat-adaptation is a term I use to imply you are in nutritional ketosis (or somewhere close). Basically, you are using stored fat and the fat you consume as energy instead of legal cocaine (also known as sugar).

The cognitive benefit for me is the cherry on top (don’t stress, the cherry is keto friendly). Follow this plan and you will feel more energized and will able to focus with far more ease.

Step 1: Fast for at least 14 hours

Whoa! I nearly lost you there. Before you go, there are exceptions. You can have black coffee and soda water — both are excellent hunger supressors.

Why I say 14 is because I notice the benefits beginning around this time. It can be very different for a lot of people. In fact, the benefits begin at 12 hours.

I always say, true “fasting” entails ideally not consuming anything but water for the period of time if you want the full range of benefits (like purging cancer cells), but, in this case it is just a reset and more for mental relief than anything.

If you can, shoot for 16 - 18 hours as I’ve noticed this is optimal.

Step 2: Drink Bulletproof Coffee (Keto Coffee)

Or Butter Coffee or whatever the freak you want to call it. Point is, after your “zero calorie” fast you want to extend it a little more…this is where the magic happens.

This implies to where you ended Step 1: so if you can only manage 15 hours, your Step 2 begins then. You are smart, you get the point.

The high fat content from the coffee will be absorbed and stabilize the caffeine. You should feel alert. I often feel like I’m on Ritalin at this point. I think this is due to the amount of ketones floating in the blood and feeding the brain (f*ck yoooou glucose).

Step 3: Eat a Low Carb High Fat Meal (LCHF)

After your Bulletproof Coffee, you are a free woman. From here on out, go with your gut and if you are seriously hungry, eat. Try and push yourself, however — often times you can go longer than you think and it’s more mental than physical.

Eat a steak with eggs or zucchini noodles with salmon, I don’t care. As long as it’s LCHF and has protein, I’m happy.

Step 4: Stop Eating

Didn’t mean to scare you.


This is crucial and is essentially the end of your restricted eating window.

Congrats, you have done it. I really hope this helps.

I’m not a doctor, nutritionist or expert so please proceed with caution if you have underlying health issues. Consult your doctor.

I usually stop eating around 8pm. This will give you time to digest your last meal and allow time before you sleep. I almost guarantee the next day you will feel like Kanye West after typing an inspiring tweet and you will want to do it again. That is the point.

If you can follow this plan for 5 or so days and then go nuts on the weekend you should not have a problem maintaining or even losing weight.

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