Gluten-Free DOES NOT EQUAL Low-carb OR Sugar-free

I can just picture Sally the Woolies shopper who drives a fancy Range Rover rolling her eyes at the title of this post…


It’s true. Just because your sneaky treats, breads and pastries are gluten-free, does not mean they are healthy — in fact, looking at closer at the packaging, you’ll discover how much sugar they fling into these items.

Yes, I’m stoked grocery shops such as Woolworths here in South Africa are looking at ways to better the consumers health — low-carb, gluten-free, low-sugar — but, there is a fine line.

The problem lies with the independent companies that supply these products. Often times, these are the companies that have no cooking clue what they are doing it or why. Chances are, if it tastes amazing (hate to break it to you, Sally), it’s unhealthy and will increase your chances of autoimmune disorders.

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