Mikhaila Peterson - A Woman Who Cured Her Depression, Arthritis and Chronic iIlness Through A Carnivorous Lifestyle

This is not a story of some meathead carnivore like Shawn Baker -- instead, we have Mikhaila Peterson, a woman who is now the face of the carnivore diet. 


Mikhaila is the daughter of Jordan Peterson, an infamous professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto (I'm a huge fan of his work). She started her journey of self-experimentation by first eliminating gluten out of her diet.

May 2015, I stopped eating gluten...Cutting out gluten maybe helped a bit… But not nearly enough.

This lead her to an elimination diet and then eventually full carnivore. You can imagine the dark places she went through to reach this point in her life. 

Through a fully carnivorous diet, she has managed to cure:

  • her depression which has plagued her her entire life

  • chronic lower back pain

  • chronic fatique

  • itchy skin

  • acne

  • blisters

  • mouth uclers

  • night sweats

  • tooth sensitivity

Everything wrong with me was diet related...Every single thing wrong with me was fixable.

She clearly is not doing this for social image -- it is not exactly flattering telling people you only eat meat, water and salt. This is a real woman who has suffered in unimaginable ways and, through trial and experimentation, figured out what the actual fuck was wrong with her.

One thing that Joe Rogan brings up in the podcast with Jordan Peterson (access it below under resources)  is no-one one seems to have any adverse effects on this diet.

It startles me when I see people comment on what I eat, yet I train everyday, I’m the strongest I’ve EVER been and yes — I still go out, have a great time with my friends (I drink vodka soda water mainly).

Seriously, answer me this: what is the worst thing that could fucking happen? Shit, maybe you trying keto/carnivore could be worse than your microwaved bullshit meals from Pick n’ Pay or your vegetable oil soaked fries from McDonalds — although, I HIGHLY doubt it — then fuck…in that case, STOP eating LCHF and carry on your merry way.

What I do, say and write about is EXTREMELY counterintuitive to even traditional "healthy" standards most are exposed to, I know - but, the anecdotal evidence that I have read where thousands of people's lives have been transformed by shifting from a traditional Western diet to one of low-carb/keto is unquestionable.

You don't have to go carnivore and I'm not advising it unless you have serious health issues. The reason I am curating content around this subject is there has to be a voice from the other side - the time for being passive is over. I'm sick of it.

The world is suffering. Look around you and tell me how many people you know are depressed, have cancer, are overweight, have chronic insomnia and living each day not knowing what it will bring. Like Mikhaila, I believe most, if not all of this is diet related.

In the famous words of H3H3, IT'S TIME TO STOP.

This is what I want you to understand: complaining and critiquing others will get you absolutely fucking nowhere in life. Go and try for yourself by setting up tiny experiments and see what works. Gone vegan? Is it working? Good! Carry on. Gluten-free? How are you feeling? Great? Sweet! Thats the point. Tried carnivore? Lost 100-pounds? Awesome! But...if any of this is not working — you will know if you take an honest objective view — then try something else and don’t settle until you reach your optimal life.

I urge you to check out Mikhaila's blog and the YouTube video below -- it is eye-opening.

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She has hundreds of anecdotal evidence from individuals who have transformed their lives through the carnivore diet.