Global Running Day @ Westin Cape Town

Apparently I have some sort of influencer status that I’m unaware of.

The lovely peeps at the Westin Cape Town invited me for a jaunt around the most visited spot in Africa: the V&A Waterfront. This was for Global Running Day (a day I didn’t even know existed). I didn’t think you needed a dedicated day to get out into the sun to run, but I love the concept.

The Westin Cape Town (and globally), are promoting three pillars of wellness: Eat Well, Sleep Well and Move Well.

Caveat: I was not paid, but all expenses like meals, food, lodging and drinks were supplied. Also, I think we have to distinguish between ‘wellness’ and ‘health.’ Wellness is living well — not necessarily eating low-carb (which in my opinion is health) or prioritising fitness regimes.

Eat Well

I’m no foodie.


In fact, I would happily eat an omelette, steak and piece of dark chocolate almost every night if I had to. It’s boring, but it keeps me fitting into my pants, feeling my best, and strong enough to help the old lady in my apartment block with her groceries every Tuesday.

One of the issues with most hotels is lack of healthy options to eat. I’m rather skeptical about these influencer gigs. Usually, I expect a range of, what I consider, not healthy foods being flung at my face from all sides. But, The Westin seemed to cover all sides of the spectrum for those interested / concerned with health. From the many vegan-friendly food items, to even a few banting / low carb options — I was impressed with the variety on offer.

As mentioned above, eating well and eating healthy are two separate things. At least, in this context it is. Being a sloot for low-carb meals, my eyeballs went straight to the meat section (simply because in most cases this is where I’m conditioned to avoid pastas and bready stuffs). I ordered the Grain Fed Karan Beef Ribeye. It was fantastic.

My inner-fatty made an appearance, too. I indulged in, what I would consider, a piece of bread that made my taste buds scream for joy. And for dessert, I got a fried pear in coconut shavings with ice-cream. My god.

The great thing about making health a lifestyle choice is the ability to have fun. Intermittent Fasting is one such example that gives you flexibility. It allows for Metabolic Flexibility, to be more precise. So, I was able to enjoy a great feast, try all the many food items the Westin Cape Town had on offer and still feel good.

Oh, and of course I ordered some coffee. Will give them a solid for serving up a decent decaf Flat White at 8pm.

Sleep Well


After the nights feast, I found myself nearly crawling back to the room on all fours. I was stuffed. In a good way though (sorry Prof).

The second pillar, Sleep Well, is possibly the one I enjoyed the most. The room was 5-star. Big bathroom, spacious bedroom and all the amenities to keep you working, thriving and happy.

The bed. THE BED. Honestly could have pitched a tent under the blankets, started a fire and maybe lived there for the next few years. It was beyond comfy.

The room was dark. This is important. Most don’t realise the negative metabolic effects of having excess light hit you when sleeping. I was very pleased.

Move Well


Trying to get out that bed the next day was a challenge.

I was greeted with fruits, smoothies and pastries before the run. Eating anything before a run — especially a banana or pastry — is asking for trouble. While many of the influencers indulged in what was on offer, I opted for some black coffee. Running in a fasted state is a great way to kickstart those inherently fat-burning genes. I doubt our ancestors had a SuperFoodRx smoothie or croissant before the hunt. But, everyone is different and I love how they accommodate for all aspects of health.

The Gym

The hotel gym looked great. The views were better. They offer all the usual machines and treadmills that you find in most gyms. I would have liked to have seen a pull-up bar of some sort. Check the vlog below for a look at the gym (around 7min in).

Every hotel should strive for the pillars that the Westin Cape Town is offering. It’s encouraging execs, businessman in particular, and holiday goers who visit this serene part of the world to get the fuck out of the hotel room, get active and think more consciously about health and fitness.

I don’t agree with everything the Westin promote — like all the smoothies and having pastries before and after a run — but this isn’t their fault. It’s a global problem. But, having said that, change takes time. The very fact that they are making people aware of health and fitness makes me so happy.

Overall, I was treated with a level of care thats hard to match.

Although I probably couldn’t afford to stay there for a night, I would highly recommend the Westin Cape Town to anyone. The Westin Cape Town created an experience of pure professionalism with a touch of individuality.

From the moment I arrived where Mbebelu (hope I spelt your name right brother) took my car keys and helped me with my stuff, to the awesome waiter, Lizzie, asking how my day was — thank you Westin Cape Town.

I love language and the saying for the day was: Get Ready To Rise.

I hope you read this and rise. Rise to your true self. Rise to the part of You that deserves care, love, health and kindness.

Have a cracker of a day,


Video Review

Being me, I took my camera to give you an immersive experience that captures the hotels essence. Just kidding. I tried my best though. You can watch the…vlog? below.