Naval Ravikant on The Joe Rogan Experience

“...Happiness is a choice that you make a skill that you develop. You choose to be happy and then you work at it.”
— Naval Ravikant, Tools of Titans (Tim Ferriss)

The Most Important Podcast of The Decade

All of the bullets are in order (sort of). Some are quotes, but most are headings of interesting topics Naval mentions. Some of my comments are in italics like dis. Either way, listening to the entire podcast is worth it. If you don’t feel like it, however, skip to 1h30 for a great speel on changing the world.

In typical Naval fashion (listen to him on The Tim Ferriss Show), this motherf*cker of a podcast episode is dense. Filled to the brim with loads of life lessons

  • How Automation will create more jobs and allow more freedom of creativity

  • Being nowhere close to general AI

  • White on White virtue signalling

  • Being addicted to the News (The Modern Struggle)

  • Facebook “committing slow motion suicide” — direct quote from Naval

  • Left vs Right talk

  • Speaking past each other, Gun Violence and Immigrants

  • “If you want to be a clear thinker you cannot pay attention to politics” — Naval

  • The issues of our time are diseases of abundance

  • “The Super Power of learning to be alone and enjoying it” — Joe Rogan

  • “Peace is Happiness at Rest. Happiness is Peace in Motion”

  • 1h:30

    • “it’s easier to change yourself than change the world “ - Naval

    • “That’s true. And the best way to change the world Is to change yourself.” — Joe Rogan.

    • “All these people shouting on social media. The best way to live is to live the life you want other people to live.” — Naval

  • The Modern Environmental Problem correctly identifies the issues but incorrectly establishes sustainable solutions 

  • The Meaning of Life

  • Nuclear Power Plants on the Moon

  • Wealth Creation Model

  • Last 6 min

    • The Hedonic Adaption is everything.

    • This. This is so fucking important. Reaching baseline. You want to be rich? Ok, heres a big house, nice car and supermodel wife. Boom. You’ve just reached baseline. Soon, you will be just as unhappy as you were before — just with more money / bigger problem. Thus, a growth mindset and striving for a purpose is more sustainable.

*The only part of the podcast I disagreed on was Naval’s take on meditation. He talks about the issue of using apps for meditation. I believe guided meditation apps are great tools.

We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.
— Confucius

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