The Most Important (And Extremely Alarming) Podcast You Will Ever Listen To.

I listened to this scary Podcast a while back and stumbled across it again and took that as a sign from the health gods to share it. There will be cussing in the following post.

Joe Rogan has had some pretty interesting people on his world-class Podcast throughout the years. If you don't know Joe Rogan and his Podcast, I highly, highly suggest checking it out -- The Joe Rogan Experience.

One guy, who I knew little about before hearing him on the Mind Pump Podcast and Joe Rogan's, is Chris Kresser. Chris is a leader in the field of functional medicine and ancestral health. He has that demeanour about him that is completely opposite to most "health experts." He takes everything with a grain of salt and not once did I feel like he was attacking a point of view that someone may have had.

Why Should You Listen to This Podcast?

Well...just to give you context. In the first 30 minutes I took the following notes:

  • 40% of US adults are now considered obese (I'm sorry...40 f*cking percent of US adults are obese? If this is not alarming to you than you're the problem).
  • The US dietary guideline comity has officially removed the notion that dietary cholesterol is bad for you from their guidelines. The USA is the last industrialised country to do this. I will repeat this again and again -- cholesterol is not the enemy -- chronic inflammation from the overconsumption of refined carbohydrates is the cause. This is something people in South Africa still don't understand.
  • 88% of people with pre-diabetes don't know they have pre-diabetes and it takes an average of 5 years to get diabetes. This, for me, is the most alarming statistic. It scares me. The debt that will be incurred from chronic disease like diabetes alone will be enough to bankrupt the USA in 40 years time. Diabetes is a precursor for the majority of fatal chronic illnesses.
  • Over 100 million Americans have pre-diabetes or diabetes. F*ck.
  • 1/2 Americans have a chronic disease. WHAT THE F*CK.
  • Todays generation is the first one that is expected to have a shorter lifespan than the previous generations.

I have attached the YouTube video of the Podcast below.

Please listen to it if you want clarity on the way health care is heading -- it's scary and we need to do something fast. If you want information on my coaching pop me an email at or subscribe to my mailing list.