Live by Design, Not by Default
— Greg Mckeown

I’m a certified Human Potential Coach on track to complete my ACC Credentials.

I don’t consider myself a “Health Coach” or “Life Coach.” I’m merely someone that works systematically with you to realise your full potential. I’m a full-time student at VEGA Cape Town, therefore, this is not my profession — for that reason, I only take on a limited number of clients.

If you are interested to work with me (or get a better understanding of how I coach), book a FREE consultation below or take a look at my pricing.

 30-min FREE online consultation



- 45-60min session

- R 490.00 ($40)


One Month HUMAN Upgrade

- Three 45-60min sessions over one month

- R 1000.00 ($80)

Three Month Total HUMAN Transformation

-An approach to create lasting lifestyle changes

- 9 sessions over three months 

- R 3000.00 ($230)


If you are not satisfied with the coaching you receive, I will refund you the full amount no questions asked.

In February 2018, I became the first Certified Human Potential Coach in South Africa.