Make your interests gradually wider and more impersonal, until bit by bit the walls of the ego recede, and your life becomes increasingly merged in the universal life
— Bertrand Russell

I’m not entirely sure what my content is about.

But, if you’d like, you can follow my journey from being a fat, lazy, unmotivated person; to being slightly less fat, more active and more motivated (that was me in 2013).

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Basically, I was fat.

My passion for self-improvement started during my schooling occupation in 2013. I completed a Dale Carnegie Public speaking course which, not only taught me how to confidently speak in public, but also thought me the value of change.

In my grade eleven year at school I weighed a whopping 90kg. Baring in mind I’m only 168cm tall, this was kind of fat.

I was an avid lifter and frequent eater. Although I smiled graciously on the outside and was often the first to crack a joke in class — on the inside, however — I was depressed, confused and morbidly unhappy (and obese).

The start of my final school year in 2014 I decided self-improvement has to begin on a biological level. I worked hard physically and stuck to a ketogenic-like diet which helped me lose over 30kg in less than 8 months. To this day I have managed to keep most of that stubborn weight off (most of — I still go ham on the croissants every now and again, don't judge).

Read How I lost 30 kg for more a more detailed story.