The Case For Sustainable Meat - Read of the Week

The possibility of livestock farming being part of the solution rather than the problem is looking increasingly probable, logical, and exciting. But for it to succeed, consumers of all tendencies need to be aware of the issues and make choices about the kind of meat they buy and eat. It does not mean we all have to eat meat, but conversely, we should think twice before promoting vegetarianism as the default green option. By many counts, permanent pasture is greener than arable land and silvopastoralism is better still. Your choices as a consumer determine which we see in the future.

The read of the week was a goodie. I love reading logical, scientifically-backed arguments on a topic -- this was no different.

There was no "shouting" or trying hard to prove something, just a passionate case for grass-fed meat in our diets and how it can save the planet that is being destroyed by a plant-based movement based on pure ignorance.

Follow the link below to read it.