Weekly Brew 004

Unlikely Book I’m Enjoying

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

I received this book for Christmas last year. It was one of those books that I have seen for YEARS, on the shelves at Exclusive Books, but never had the urge to even pick it up. I felt like, eh…this Nike guy seems boring and Nike is soooooo commercial i’ll probably hate it.

Well, I was wrong. This is my newly equipped Knight-time read (you probably hate me for saying that). It’s an awesome memoir filled with stories from the person who has changed the world.

I’m about half way finished. Phil Knight is this wanderlusting business genius that knows how to tell a story or two…wow. When Warren Buffet writes on the front cover saying it was the best book he read when it came to print, you know it must be fucking fantastic.

How To Make Keto Ice Coffee (from the archive)

Man, it really does not get easier than this (well, you do in fact need a Nespresso machine).

This is the lazy way to enjoy a cold coffee when you get home after a sweaty day or as a pre-workout. Although I think caffeine is the best pre-workout — most of the other shit is pure junk — I often can’t stomach a warm flatty or Americano before a workout. Vom-central if you ask me.

Basically, you put some ice into a cup and do your Nespresso thing and add some cream or almond milk (if you want, I don’t usually because the ice takes the acidity way down so it’s easy to guzzle), and then let your machine do it’s thing.

Heres a video —excuse the thumnail, I’m not even sure what I was thinking…

Quote I’m Contemplating

Life isn’t about having, it’s about being...The ‘if I had X, I would be happy’ syndrome is mass delusion. When you look for happiness in mere objects, they are never enough. Look around. Look within.
— Nick Vujicic

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